Dr. K C Narasimhamurty

I am happy to share our association with KnowVic. Their team is in the process of helping our Dept of Telecommunication Engineering, SIT, Tumkur and the initiative is producing excellent results. Realizing the importance of industry related courses in the academics, KnowVic team has designed and delivered the industry elective course, “Telecom Network Architecture and Operational Support System (TNA & OSS)” for VII Sem Telecommunication Engineering UG students, thanks to the inputs, guidance, inspiration and suggestions from KnowVic. The introduction of this course has resulted in getting placements to students in the Telecom core industry like Technotree. Now, the TNA & OSS course is offered by our own faculty. We would like to adopt this approach in future industry electives.
In our recently concluded Board of Studies meeting of our department, it was decided to explore possibilities to introduce more courses in the curriculum which will make students industry ready by the time they complete their graduation. In this connection, I am happy to know that “KNOWVIC” is coming up with various courses starting from 3 SEM till 8 SEM. The courses are well planned and will benefit students a lot in making their carrier bright. Along with technological courses, they are coming up with Soft skill training also which are crucial for student’s placement prospects. I am sure these course will give students a good industrial flavour, as all the courses are delivered by industry experts with hands on experiments in possible courses. Few Programming language training programmes are being offered during semester break vacation.

Dr. K C Narasimhamurty,
Professor, Dept. of TCE ,SIT, Tumkur.

Dr. K. Viswanath

My association with KnowVic is in and of itself is a testimony to their brilliant performance. Ms. Uma S, who has recommended this team to us, was a very meritorious student of Telecommunication Engineering in our college. Our thirteen years of association, since her graduation, carries significant weightage for us; as we speak we know that she has become a true expert in the Telecom domain. When the department started exploring to bring industry experts to our campus, the first name chosen was KnowVic, as the team got invaluable inputs and guidance from Ms. Uma S. The team developed an elective ‘Telecom Network Architecture & OSS. The course is delivered by them for the first time, subsequently our faculty is continuing with it. The course provided our students sufficient insight into the telecom industry and also helped them to boost their confidence. Realizing the impact of industry experts coming to campus, we requested the team to bridge the gap between the industry and academia. I’m glad that the team is working with the department in this regard.

Dr. K. Viswanath,
Professor & Head, Telecommunication Engineering, SIT-Tumkur




The “Python Basics and Advanced” training conducted by Knowvic at Sona College of technology, Salem during the month of May 2018 for the 7th Semester, ECE students.

The course covered a lot of information, delivered in a precise manner that was easy to absorb. The teaching was clear, logical and effective. But it wasn’t just about the new knowledge. The trainer was good and teaching was excellent. All doubts were cleared in a precise way. The trainer was keen on basics and hence the python advanced topics were easy. This format gave us the confidence to implement new techniques in our curriculum immediately, in contrast to our past coding knowledge the training was very useful in our placement. We didn’t just learn “how” to write or code a program – “what” and “why” also became much clearer. This helped me to get a competitive Job in Japan based MNC with a package of 18.54 Lakhs per annum.

Sona College of technology, Salem