28 Aug 2018

Signed MoU with NASSCOM IT-ITeS SSC as a training partner

Signed MoU with NASSCOM IT-ITES SSC as a trainer partner

KNOWVIC is already associated with NASSCOM as a training partner and has 3 licensed master trainers for the below Industrial Qualification Packs (QPs).

  1. Software Developer
  2. Analyst (Business Analyst / Consultant)
  3. Test Engineer

The above NASSCOM SSC qualification pack (job roles) specific training will be provided to ensure a targeted placement based on a specific industry requirement for a specific job role.

Benefits to the students include:

  1. Students trained from KNOWVIC will be able to get NASSCOM certifications with respect to the QPs.
  2. NASSCOM will be supporting in arranging for job mela for the students when trained by KNOWVIC through connecting the students with the industry for placement for those who have cleared the NAC assessment.
  3. Students/colleges can get NASSCOM courseware at a nominal price.

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