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In this “Digital Age”, “disruption” is the “Buzzword”.

Technologies and domains are moving in and out at zipping speed. Jobs are becoming obsolete and redundant, as the industry focuses on cutting edge and next generation technologies. To stay relevant, the Academia needs to keep pace with this constant “Change”, and partner the industry in next generation people and systems.

Indian Academia has started to bring in this change, however the journey of a thousand miles has just begun. Education curriculum needs to factor in emerging trends, and reflect them in the Academic Syllabus. By bringing in experts from the industry , we are striving to work with the colleges/University, in modernizing the syllabus in all respects. In cases, where tweaking the syllabus is not an option, we drive change by Industrial exposure at the campus itself .

Based on latest industry trends and feedback from prospective Campus recruiters, experts from KnowVic Consultancy work with the Faculty and the students to implement a revised syllabus/curriculum. Our team comprising of the best of the vintage from some of the most reputed Companies (Indian or Otherwise), upskill and cross-skill by means of show and tell sessions, Case-studies, Industrial training and full-fledged Industry standard hands-on projects.


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