Current Contributions To Academia


Siddaganga Institute of Technology (SIT), Tumkur, Karnataka:

  • Introduced couple of 3 credit courses as a part of their curriculum for Telecommunication branch for 7th Sem students.
  • 100% results on the above courses in spite of triple evaluation with an average result of 75 marks scored out of 100.
  • BoS Committee member for Telecommunication branch.
  • Conducting about 10 to 12 industrial courses from 3rd Sem through 8th Sem for Telecommunication.
  • Have trained about 200 students so far and many more signed.


BMSIT, Yelahanka, Bangalore:

  • Industry subjects introduced for the below branches.
    • Computer Science
    • Information Science
    • Electronics and Communication
    • Telecommunication
    • Electrical Engineering
  • Incubation of cutting-edge technologies offered for entire college as knowledge partners to SmartGen IoT.


Trident Academy of Technology (TAT), Bhubaneshwar, Odisha:

  • ‘Train the faculties’ program for several branches such as Computer Science, Electrical and Electronics branches.
  • Advanced IoT applications into Power Generation and Power Distribution via Smart Grid training for the faculties.
  • Advanced IoT applications into Electronics for the faculties.
  • Core power industry courses for the Electrical department faculties.
  • Core Electronics (Optical Networks) industrial course for Electronics department faculties.


Sona College of Technology, Selam, Tamil Nadu:

  • Trained 120 students for industrial training from Electronics department already. This is made a 2 credit industrial course.
  • At least 2 to 3 industrial training courses for each branch of students with strength 130 each.
  • 27 Captsone projects given to the students as an extension into industrial training per course
  • End to end support on project executions.

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